Cycling in Sutton and Merton

Our range of cycles

Our adapted cycles and two wheelers enable everyone (aged 16+) to have a go – including people with disabilities, those recovering from injury or may otherwise have difficulty in participating in cycling. Our cycle instructors will help you select the cycle that is right for you.

The Duet


The Duet: This bike is suitable for wheelchair users and those with restricted mobility. The participant can sit at the front and carers or relatives can cycle at the back. We usually have two of these at our sessions in yellow and green.



The Trike: We have a wide range of trikes, some with seats, some with saddles, some built for speed, others for comfort. These are ideal for those who do not feel steady on a two wheeler or just like to cycle in comfort!

The Tag Along


The Tag Along: This enables a participant to steer and guide another behind them. This builds confidence to lead to using a bike independently or for those who wish to cycle with someone else.