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Record attendance!

Record numbers have attended EcoLocal’s inclusive cycling sessions.  Over 400 people have taken part so far this Summer 2018, benefiting from fun sessions using accessible cycles at the David Weir Leisure Centre.  The cycling activity is held on the athletics track and cycle instructors are on hand to make sure everybody gets the best out [...]

Technical Projects & Maintenance Group Volunteer Platform

saucepan guard

This EcoLocal group meets twice a month at EcoLocal’s offices / workshop.

Since starting in late 2012, the activities of the group have ranged from dealing with more complex cycle maintenance issues, through to revamping old speakers for a PA system and helping to start build an insulated greenhouse made from old plastic bottles.

Pictured here is a photo showing a really ingenious repair for one of our hand cycles. The need for the repair came about because for some time we’d had difficulty finding a suitable replacement for the plastic chain ring guard that had broken off – and the cables were getting caught in the mechanism and needed a tidy up too. One member of the group, Chris, came up with the idea of making a new guard from an old saucepan – and what a brilliant job he’s done. The new guard is so much sturdier than the original plastic guard and it also provides a suitable location to mount a new bracket to control the movement of the cables, so that they don’t get caught up when rotating the handles. We’re so impressed!

The group has other plans / ideas, ranging from further bike projects, building a new housing for one of our mobile renewable energy units and, testing out approaches to growing food hydroponically (using organic fertiliser). We’re keen to find resources to help develop this ‘platform’ for community based sharing of technical and fixing skills.

If you would like to find out more about the group email Trevor for an informal chat.

Renaming ceremony for the David Weir Leisure Centre and activities – Thursday 16th May


David Weir was guest of honour at a renaming ceremony to change Sutton Arena to the ‘David Weir Arena’ on Thursday 16th May.

EcoLocal was at this event with the usual ‘Gear-Up’ inclusive cycling activities as well as special races on the track.

The morning will started at 9.30am with tea/coffee and pastries – speeches at 10.15 and activities commenced from 10.30am.

There was also ‘try it’ sessions in Boccia, football skills and rowing.