Cycling in Sutton and Merton

Inclusive Cycling in Sutton and Merton

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EcoLocal Cycling Sessions

Come along and try out our cycling sessions on a Monday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings at David Weir Leisure Centre (Sutton Arena). They are good fun, sociable and are a great way to get some exercise! We have a wide range of bikes, trikes and 4-wheelers and run two types of session on each of the days:

- 10am - 11am: informal inclusive cycling sessions for adults who would like an opportunity to learn to ride, regain cycling confidence, improve cycling skills, socialise and get gentle exercise in safe off-road environment

- 11am – 12noon: everybody is welcome, but from 11am we cater for groups of adults with a disability. We have cycles suitable for all disabilities click here for details.

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EcoLocal Cycle Roadshows

EcoLocal also provides travelling cycle roadshows with a range of fun and adapted cycles, staffed by our trained cycle instructors for many different types of events including sports and physical activity days, fairs, schools or other venues. Our roadshows are very popular with people with of all ages and are a unique activity to make your event accessible to everybody. … [Read More...]

Gear-Up Inclusive Cycling

Gear-Up Inclusive Cycling

EcoLocal’s Inclusive Cycling project offers cycling to everyone in a safe and supportive off road place…..whether it is on two, three or four wheels! We have a wide range of cycles so that adults of all abilities have the opportunity to learn and enjoy the benefits of cycling! Our friendly cycle instructors will help you take it at your own pace … [Read More...]


Get Cycling

We provide informal cycling sessions designed for adults who would like an opportunity to cycle in safe off-road environment. Perhaps you never learnt to ride a bike, want to regain your cycling confidence, use cycling to keep fit, or just to have fun and meet new friends. Why not come along and have a go? Our friendly cycle instructors will help you learn or take it at your own pace. … [Read More...]

when and where?

When and Where?

Our adult cycling sessions are based at David Weir Leisure Centre (previously Sutton Arena), Middleton Road, Carshalton, Surrey SM5 1SL. Sessions are £3 per person, carers go free. Anybody is welcome to turn up, booking is not needed unless for large groups. Occasionally we have special offers depending on funding – please ask. … [Read More...]